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Microsoft .Net Compact Framework

The Microsoft . web Compact Framework brings the facility of the . web Framework to hand-held units comparable to Pocket desktops and clever telephones. examine precisely the way to construct killer functions - and the way to unravel average difficulties - in constructing for resource-constrained units with this e-book. you will discover specifics on tips to boost GUI parts with home windows types, entry and shop info with Microsoft ADO.

ASP.NET: Your Visual Blueprint for Creating Web Applications on the .NET Framework

This publication used to be a big sadness after having learn different Maran picture books. There are alot of blunders and the display photographs were decreased down in measurement to the purpose the place they're slightly legible. rather than placing the similar topics jointly, the publication jumps round. for instance, the publication may still positioned all the "Request" statements jointly and the entire "Response" statements jointly.

The Ultimate Palm Robot (Consumer)

Received an previous Palm mendacity round? This step by step advisor indicates how you can flip it right into a robotic. Incuding proprietary software program designed especially for Osborne, it permits hobbyists to relish their Palm robotic as soon as they have outfitted it.

Interactive Storytelling: 9th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, ICIDS 2016, Los Angeles, CA, USA, November 15–18, 2016, Proceedings

This publication constitutes the refereed lawsuits of the ninth foreign convention on Interactive electronic Storytelling, ICIDS 2016, held in la, CA, united states, in November 2016. The 26 revised complete papers and eight brief papers provided including nine posters, four workshop, and three demonstration papers have been rigorously reviewed and chosen from 88 submissions.

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The program sorts by whatever is first in the input line. = Program Listing 10 HOME 20 DIM M$(lOO) 30 FOR L=l TO 100 40 INPUT "NAME: ";M$(L) 50 NEXT L 60 HOME 70 T=0 80 FOR L=l TO 99 90 IF M$(L) <=M$(L+l) THEN 110 100 E$=M$(L):M$(L)=M$(L+l):M$(L+l)=E$ :T=l 110 NEXT L 120 IF T=l THEN 70 130 FOR L=l TO 100 140 IF M$(L) <> "" THEN PRINT M$(L) 150 NEXT L 40 Simple Screen Clear There is nothing more unsightly than a video screen full of miscellaneous garbage. It can be very distracting 53 when you start to RUN a new program while unwanted old bits and pieces of information dot the screen.

49 Program Listing lOH OM E 20 FOR N=0 TO 255 30 PRINT N,CHR$(N) 40 FOR L=l TO 400:NEXT L 50 NEXT N 60 PRINT CHR$(7) 37 Memory Peek Want a quick look into a specific memory location? Use the interesting PEEK instruction. This short program allows a search of memory locations. You should change the numbers in line 20 to encompass whatever memory locations you wish to search . As written, the program will cause the computer to reveal the contents of locations 1000 to 1100. It could just as weil be 100 to 200 for which you would substitute the expression : FOR M = 100 TO 200 or 10,000 to 10,100 for wh ich you would use the expression: FOR M = 10000 TO 10100 These substitutions are at line 20, of course.

The underline does not. Here's how it works : lines 30 to 80 print the message. 33 Unes 90 to 110 display the underline bar. Une 120 rings the bell. The number 25 in line 20 controls the number of flashes and bell rings. You may change that number if you like. You may change the message, if you like. Use the letter and number table you see here to select a new message. The message line is 40 spaces in memory locations 1192 to 1231. The underline is in locations 1320 to 1359. Lengthen the underline bar by changing the range in line 90, up to a maximum of L= 1320 TO 1359.

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