By A. Norman Jeffares

This booklet discusses the reviews of students and critics at the performs of Yeats, explains problems in Yeats performs, annotating phrases and words the place priceless and it additionally offers information of printings, preliminary courses and casts..

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Professor Rhys, who considers the bristldess boat a symbol of darkness and cold, rather than of winter and cold, thinks it was without bristles because the darkness is shorn away by the sun. It may have had different meanings, just as the scourging of the man-god has had different though not contradictory meanings in different epochs of the wodd. [The note in CW reads: If one reads Professor Rhys' Celtic Heathendom by the light of Professor Frazer's Golden Bough, and puts together what one finds there about the boat that killed Diarmuid, and other old Celtic boars and sows, one sees that the Battle is mythological, and that the Pig it is named from must be a type of cold and winter doing battle with the summer, or of death battling with life.

I am come to cry with you woman, My hair is unbound and unwound; I remember him ploughing his field, Turning up the red side of the ground. And building his barn on the hill, With the good-mortared stone; Oh, we'd have pulled down the gallows, Had it happened at Enniscrone. 73 28 A Commentary on the Collected Plays of W. B. Yeats 73 And just before she goes out she sings: Do not make a great keening When the graves have been dug to-morrow Do not call the white-scarfed riders To the buryings that shall be to-morrow; Do not spread the food to call strangers, To the wakes that shall be to-morrow, And after a few words of dialogue she goes out crying: They shall be remembered for ever; They shall be alive for ever; They shall be speaking for ever, The people shall hear them for ever.

And he went out and got two hampers of turf and made a fire, that they thought he was going to burn the house dowri. " And when she heard that, she gave one leap, and was out of the house, and they saw, then, it was an old hag she was. Well, the man asked the advice of an old woman, and she bid him go to a faery-bush that was near, and he might get some word of her. So he went there at night, and saw all sorts of grand people, and they in carriages or riding on horses, and among them he could see the girl he came to look for.

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