By Dalya Cohen-Mor

Dalya Cohen-Mor examines the evolution of the idea that of destiny within the Arab global via readings of non secular texts, poetry, fiction, and folklore. She contends that trust in destiny has retained its energy and keeps to play a pivotal position within the Arabs' outlook on existence and their social psychology. Interwoven with the chapters are sixteen sleek brief tales that additional remove darkness from this attention-grabbing subject.

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Another manifestation of the belief in predestination is the invocation of God’s name on almost every occasion, public or private, holy or mundane. While these invocations also serve as a demonstration of piety, they reveal the constant presence of God in people’s minds. Lane elaborates: The Muslims frequently swear by God (but not irreverently), and also by the Prophet. . ”52 Lane further remarks that the belief in predestination does not prevent people from taking steps to obtain an object they desire, nor does it make them careless of avoiding danger.

On this night the Kfi ur a¯n is said to have been sent down to Mohammad. It is affirmed to be “better than a thousand months”; and the angels are believed to descend and to be occupied in conveying blessings to the faithful from the commencement of it until daybreak. Moreover, the gates of heaven being then opened, prayer is held to be certain of success. 50 A period of atonement and forgiveness, Ramadfi a¯n constitutes a festival in which the conduct of Muslims is closely examined by their creator.

AlGhazza¯lı¯ describes another staging technique in which the presenter pulls the strings of puppets made of rags and leads the audience to believe that the puppets are moving on their own. 94 The medieval poet Ahfi mad al-Bayru¯tı¯ further elaborates on the shadow play and its allegorical meaning. In two notable verses, he mentions that the presenter had two boxes: he would take his figures from the first, where they were arranged in order of appearance, and place them in the second after they had been displayed.

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