By Naresh Chandra Ghose, Nilanjan Chatterjee, Fareeduddin

The e-book is a considerate dialogue with scientists learning convergent plate barriers comparable to the well known, energetic India-Eurasia collision region. It offers a accomplished number of petrographic photos of ophiolitic rocks exhumed from oceanic lithosphere and mantle on the India-Asia plate boundary. Ophiolite is uncovered within the northwestern Himalayas, jap Indian plate margin and Andaman-Nicobar Islands. on the japanese margin, it happens in a slender strip comprising mantle peridotite tectonite, cummulate peridotite-gabbro-plagiogranite-anorthosite, mafic dyke, volcanics and oceanic sediments. Low temperature/high strain rocks together with blueschists and eclogites have been greatly studied lately. Ophiolite derived sediments and podiform chromites may also be mentioned to supply whole info. Supplemental maps, geological sections, box sketches and pictures will clarify the constitution, stratigraphy, ore mineralization, and metamorphic history.

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J Geol Soc India 73:213–219 Mitchell AHG (1993) Cretaceous-Cenozoic tectonicevents in the western Myanmar (Burma)-Assam region. J Geol Soc Lond 150:1012–1089 Mitchell AHG, Htay MT, Htun KM, Win MN, Oo T, Hlaing T (2007) Rock relationships in the Mogok metamorphic belt, Tatkon to Mandalay, central Myanmar. J Asian Earth Sci 29:891–910 Mukasa SB, Ludden JN (1987) Uranium–lead isotopic ages of plagiogranites from the Troodos ophiolite, Cyprus, and their tectonic significance. Geology 15:825–828 Nicolas A, Girardeau J, Marcoux J, Dupré B, Wang X, Cao Y, Zheng H, Xiao X (1981) The Xigaze ophiolite (Tibet): a peculiar oceanic lithosphere.

An 30 3 Geology of the Naga Hills Ophiolite Fig. 5 Geological map of the central part of ophiolite belt (sector II) between Zipu and Sutsu (after Agrawal and Ghose 1986). 5 cm2-sized polymictic tuff breccia from the post-ophiolitic sediments of the Jopi Formation shows minerals and rocks representing all components of the Tethyan lithosphere within the scale of a thin-section. The NHO continues southward into the Indian state of Manipur where it is represented by a dismembered ophiolite suite comprising alternating slices of cumulate ultramafic– mafic differentiates and volcanic rocks (Joshi and Vidyadharan 2008).

Semail, Oman Mountains), it is evident from field disposition that a systematic order may have existed prior to their emplacement. The ophiolite litho-units may be broadly classified into (i) peridotite tectonite or meta-ultramafics, (ii) spinel peridotite (spinel-bearing dunite/harzburgite/lherzolite), (iii) cumulate mafic–ultramafic sequence (peridotite, pyroxenite, layered and massive gabbroids, plagiogranite and anorthosite), (iv) dolerite and meta-dolerite (minor), (v) volcanics and volcaniclastics and (vi) pelagic sediments.

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