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4. Variations in motion cannot be tolerated particularly in precision welding as such variations increase heat input to the spots, spoiling both the strength and the cosmetic appearance of the finished weld. One other advantage of pulsing is that the pulse action agitatedstirs the weldpool bringing impurities to the surface thus reducing inclusions and porosity . 8 Weld spot overlap appearance. 4 T joint produced using pulsed TIC welding. Average heat input to an unpulsed weld is the product of the power source dial current setting X voltage X time.

The booth or welding area should be screened by curtains or similar so that the open arc cannot be seen by other personnel in the workshop. 2 (a) Ideal manual TIC welding conditions. 3 Position for: a) H F arc striking; b) Welding. 48 PRACTICAL TIG (GTA) WELDING Try if possible always to weld in the flat (downhand) position and start the arc with the electrode positioned as in Fig. S(a)when using HF or other open arc strike methods. A satisfactory rule of thumb when hand welding is to make the arc gap about one electrode diameter, particularly when welding aluminium.

The ultimate choice of process is based on economics and the weld properties required.

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