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Pavel Svin'in in was once a painter, diplomat, and journalist who spent years as a part of the 1st Russian diplomatic project to the USA. This name offers a whole English translation of his memoir. 31 unique watercolours supplement his provocative perspectives on themes resembling slavery, faith, politics, and the tremendous arts."

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It was the first serious attempt at gaining official recognition since Francis Dana, but the results were much the same. In addition, the Embargo Act of 1807, enacted by Thomas Jefferson, greatly restrained this part of the relationship, since the United States ports were under greater restrictions for foreign trade. 11 During the 1790s several prominent and lesser-known Russians visited the United States. In particular, naval officer Iurii Lisianskii travelled and wrote about his time in the country.

In particular, naval officer Iurii Lisianskii travelled and wrote about his time in the country. His travel narrative was simple, blunt, and generally positive about the United States. He noted that “many see Philadelphia’s lack of hospitality as coming from the Quakers, who make up a large part of the city. ”12 In the late 1790s the new emperor of Russia, Paul i, and American officials found common ground in commercial interests in the Mediterranean and an emerging fear of potential French aggression.

One official in the mission noted how solemn and distant Adams was, while others thought the minister was outright aloof, especially during social gatherings. 19 Not all connections between Russians and Americans were so cold and distant, though. Numerous American traders, merchants, and visitors had been living in Russia for many years. Most of the Americans mingled with Russian high society through the English Club, which as far back as 1770 had become a meeting place for Russians who were 19 w i l l i a m b e n t o n w h i s e n h u n t engaged in social, commercial, and political interaction with the British and other foreigners.

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