By Hassouna Mosbahi, Max Weiss

After ne'er-do-wells unfold rumors a couple of widowed mother's susceptible ethical personality one of the humans of a slum at the outskirts of Tunis that festers with migrants who've come to the city from the heartland looking for a greater lifestyles, her twenty-year-old son takes concerns into his personal palms and commits an unspeakable crime. An imaginitive and tense novel informed from the alternating viewpoints of this unrepentant sociopath, as he sits and fumes on demise row yet willingly courses us via his juvenile exploits and twisted stories, and his murdered mom, who lightly supplies an account of her interrupted lifestyles from past the grave, A Tunisian story introduces the narrative skills of Hassouna Mosbahi to an English-language viewers for the 1st time, as he confronts either taboos of Tunisian society and the limits of traditional storytelling.

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Women from Jerir and Amsha walked around brazenly, raising their voices without any shame or embarrassment, unaffected by all those men around them. My grandmother would pinch me or the woman next to her and whisper, aghast, “Look at how they mix with men, without any shame or modesty. ” A man like a burnt column quivering from the intensity of his hunger stood in front of a stand that sold savory pastries, as saliva oozed from his thick filthy beard. My grandmother said that Muhammad al-Bouhali lost his mind after losing a large sum of money gambling one night and was forced to sell his small olive orchard—the last thing he owned.

They gathered information from neighborhood children who saw the murdered boy on the night of the incident walking with a man whose description fit that of Kaboura. When the poor father learned that it was his old friend, whom he had treated with nothing but charity, who had tortured his child, he lost his mind and, barking like a dog, was taken to Manouba, where he spent half a year and came out afterward as though he had been stripped of his reason and his memory. When the judge handed down his ruling in the case, Kaboura fell apart, lost his swagger, his self-inflation, and his braggadocio to become a pathetic creature in the blink of an eye, sobbing almost all the time, not because he had murdered his friend’s son in cold blood, but because he wasn’t going to get out of jail this time around, to strut in front of the neighborhood children boasting how he was the rightful successor to Ali Chwerreb, and to show up at the Mezoued parties and dance until dawn to the beat of songs by Hedi Habbouba and Salah el Farzit, or to wander around the old and new neighborhoods in the capital with a knife in his belt, making a living off his girlfriend Houriya, whom he used to pimp out back in the good old days.

It was clear that every one of them wanted me to be for him and him alone. And out of jealousy, fierce battles would break out between this one or that one from time to time. But as soon as I intervened it would die out as quickly as it had been sparked, except I rarely did that because it used to appease my arrogance and my vanity to see them brawling over me and because of me, before they had even reached legal age, while I was still a little girl playing in the sand, one who hadn’t even sprouted breasts yet.

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