By Caroline Brazier

Smooth existence cuts us off from our roots. Our city lives, frequently jam-packed with job and anxieties, can believe missing in these very issues which floor us and think gratifying. even as, our behaviour as a species threatens to damage the planet on which we are living. Reconnecting with the wildlife, nonetheless, will be deeply remodeling, either psychologically and spiritually. As we begin to evoke to the wear and tear which our disconnection from nature is doing either to ourselves and to our surroundings, we get up to a brand new courting based on knowing and non secular fact. during this context, therapists are searhing for how you can paintings which at once rebuild our reference to nature. this crucial ebook offers an method of operating with the surroundings which embraces the healing and the non secular, supplying a version of operating that's sympathetic and inventive. delivering either theoretical figuring out and sections describing experiential paintings, it is going to entice either the...

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Or perhaps we walk with our lungs. As the breathing relaxes, our bodies relax, and with the relaxation we trust ourselves more deeply to the walking. The shoulders lose their stiffness and the belly releases its tension. The spine is straight and open. We feel the breeze on our faces and the air entering our nostrils. We smile. Our eyes and ears are awake to the sights and sounds that arrive but they are not searching, not compulsive. We simply walk. Working with the Earth Element One of the early Buddhist meditations was a meditation on the elements.

This is thus a new experience of working together. The expanse of time and space (five working days and thirty acres of land; woodland and rough fields, long abandoned by the large white charolais cattle who once grazed them) create a canvass on which we work a tapestry of activities. Our group assembles. We are joined by regular members of our community, people who know the terrain and who themselves run sessions from time to time: Massimo, who runs bio-dance workshops; Sumaya, who has been leading the community out in France through the spring; Susthama, who supports so much of the work which I do with her practicality and wisdom; Simon, an art therapist and Buddhist trainee; and Kaspa, who works with theatre methods.

He or she learns to listen more deeply and to be open to new perspectives and new voices. This foundation is one I have explored in more detail elsewhere (particularly in my recent book Other-Centred Therapy)2and it can be applied in many ways. Specifically though, we can relate it to work with the environment. Going forth into nature When we go out into nature we are surrounded by a world which offers us many rich experiences. In considering an approach to this sort of work within a Buddhist framework, we cannot ignore the fact that the Buddha and his followers spent much time in natural surroundings.

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