By Frederick Seitz, David Turnbull and Henry Ehrenreich (Eds.)

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Bardeen, ibid. 77, 407 (1950);J. Bardeen and W. Shockley, ibid. 80, 72 (1950). C. Herring, Bell System Tech. J . 34, 237 (1955). K. Fuchs, Proc. Roy. A161, 585 (1935); A163, 622 (1936). H. Jones, Phil. Mag. S. Leigh, ibid. 42, 139 (1951). For a review, see N. F. Mott, Progr. Metal Phys. 3, 76 (1952). * J. ELECTRONIC EFFECTS I N ELASTIC CONSTANTS 39 in terms of models of electronic band structure. It will also be seen that some elastic properties of semiconductors are completely dominated by electronic effects.

Since in this figure there are more and W. Cochran, Acta Cryst. 6, 260 (1953); 9, 924 (1956). R. Mason, Proc. Roy. A268, 302 (1960); see also R. Mason and G. B. Robertson, Advan. Struct. Res. Diffraction Methods 2, 35 (1966). G. C. Verschoor, Nature 202, 1206 (1964). s2 H. H. Cady and A. C. Larson, Acta Cryst. 18, 485 (1965). 63 A. Hartman and F. L. Hirshfeld, Acta Cryst. 20, 80 (1966). 49 60 33 ELECTRON DISTRIBUTION I N CRYSTALS deeper negative regions than positive ones, it might well be that the scale factor is in slight error, so that the positive peaks might be slightly higher.

Rev. 136, A1612 (1964). ISM. J. Cooper, Phil. Mug. [S] 8, 811 (1963). 14 R. BRILL in metals are more spread than in free atoms. The very rough picture of the electron gas in metals would suggest an effect of this kind. Using this model, one might be tempted to determine the number of electrons belonging to the core of the atom separately. As was said already, the extrapolation of f curves to s = 0 is too uncertain for this purpose. Now, by Hosemann and Bagchi20it was shown that atomic scattering factors for spherical atoms can be represented as a sum of Gauss-termsZ1: ni and ai are constants.

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