By Bernhard Kramer

The current quantity, forty three of Advances in sturdy country Physics, comprises the written models of many of the plenary and invited lectures of the Spring assembly of the Condensed subject Physics element of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft held from March 24 to twenty-eight, 2003 in Dresden, Germany. the various topical talks given on the quite a few and extremely energetic symposia also are incorporated. They coated an incredibly attention-grabbing choices of well timed topics. therefore the e-book really displays the prestige of the sector of reliable nation physics in 2003, and explains its recognition, not just in Germany but additionally the world over.

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Thermal convection in Rayleigh-B´enard cells has been realized for very large Ra and Re numbers. Still one is not really asymptotic in Re. The boundary layer effects superimpose the bulk turbulence. Heat conduction and thermal wind can no longer be described in terms of pure power laws. A theory which is completely based on the kinetic and the thermal dissipation rates has been successful to deal with the bulk of presently available data. • Dynamical mode coupling approach has allowed to derive the anomalous turbulent particle dispersion including the numerical prefactors.

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