By Alexander Roob

A fantastical trip in the course of the pictorial international of alchemy and mysticism, the Cabbala and magic, freemasons and Rosicrusians. This targeted choice of illustrations with commentaries and resource texts publications us on a desirable trip in the course of the representations of the key arts.

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Owen O’Neill had his plate complete. He had spent the previous few centuries discovering methods of having carry of the only merchandise what may make him the main robust Mage on the earth; an task which fed on each fiber of his being. Now he additionally needed to whole a quest which were pending for millennia. If that wasn’t adequate, he had overdone his most modern physique rejuvenation technique and rather than changing into a reliable 50 12 months previous, he used to be someplace among puberty and younger maturity. Then in walked a pregnant Jennifer Stone. Jennifer used to be not anything to jot down domestic approximately. She used to be a normal mortal who concept Mages existed in books and desktop video games. She used to be additionally a section at the thin part. Had he recognized on the time that Jennifer used to be the first aim of the Shadow Ones, not just could he have walked clear of the entire deal, yet bought his apartment and moved continents with out forwarding deal with. completely. thankfully he didn't. a narrative of unconditional love and self attention.

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M. Maier, Atalanta fugiens, Oppenheim, 1618 M. Maier, Septimana Philosophica, Frankfurt, 1616 MACROCOSM: Lower astronomy 79 Lower Stars astronomy Twelve pagan as· trologers (includ. ing the poet Virgil and the philo· sophers Seneca and Aristotle) immersed in the interpretation of the stars. Book of oracles in rhyming couplets, Central Germany, 14th century In the view ofthe alchemists, the metals represent the assembled forces of the planets, and hence they also referred to their art as the "lower astronomy".

_)" (Cicero, De re publica) 1. Bornitus, Emblematum Sacorum, Heidel· berg, 1559 " N ature-Music contains within itself the nature of a l l things / ( ... " (Johannes Kepler, Harmonices Mundi, 1619) 88 MACROCOSM: Stars MACROCOSM: Music of the spheres 89 Music of Music of the spheres the spheres In the bottom left-hand corner, Pythagoras is pointing to the smiths who had in· spired him. Here they are at work inside an ear. Kircher goes into great detail about its 'wonderful anatomical pre· paration', with hammer and anvil.

Sacra, Frankfurt, 1626 60 MACROCOSM: Sun MACROCOSM: Sun 61 Sun Sun In Masonic sym­ bolism, the sun represents the im­ perishable spirit, immaterial gold. In many Masonic temples it is drawn in the east, from where the ' Master ofthe Lodge' dir­ ects proceedings. Christ-Apollo at the centre of the zodiac. The outer circles contain the four seasons. Christ in the Zodiac, Northern Italy, 11th century A Freemason, formed from the materials of his lodge, engraving, 1754 62 MACROCOSM: Sun MACROCOSM: Sun Sun Sun III.

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