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045 in. 2 Spray-Type Transfer special power supply. 1 Spray-type transfer welding of low-alloy steel is workpiece, usually at a rate of 50 to 200 times per second. A characteristic of spray the arc. Short circuiting gas metal arc welding of lowtype transfer welding with argon-oxygen shielding gas is thesmootharcplasma,throughwhichhundreds of alloy steel is most commonly done with shielding gas droplets per second are transferred axially from the elecmixtures of argon-C02, 100 percent welding grade COZ, trode to the weld puddle.

2 While neutral fluxes do maintain the composition of the weld metal even when the voltage is changed, it is not always true that the compositionof the weld metal deposit is the same as the composition of the electrode used. Someneutralfluxescontainmanganesesilicate, which can decompose in the heat of the arc to add some Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100, User=, 10/24/2002 04:05:24 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Management Group at 1-800-451-1584.

The remainder of the designation indicates the chemical composition of the electrode -or, in thecase of composite electrodes, of the low-dilution weld metal obtained with a particular flux. The letter “ M ’ indicates a medium manganese content, while the letter “H’ indicates a comparatively high manganese content. The one or two digits following themanganese designator indicate the nominal carbon contentof the electrode. The letter “K’, which appears in some designations, indicates that the electrode is made from a heat of silicon-killed COPYRIGHT 2002; American Welding Society, Inc.

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