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This sequence of monographs represents continuation on a global foundation of the former sequence MINERALOGIE UNO PETROGRAPHIE IN EINZELOARSTELLUNGEN, released by way of Springer-Verlag. The voluminous effects bobbing up from contemporary development in natural and utilized re­ seek raise the necessity for authoritative stories however the regular medical journals are not able to supply the distance for them. by means of their very nature, text-books are not able to contemplate particular issues extensive and up to date examine met'hods and effects frequently obtain purely cursory deal with­ ment. complicated reference volumes are typically too particular aside from specialists within the box. it's always very dear to buy a symposium quantity or an "Advances in . . . " quantity for the sake of a particular evaluation bankruptcy surrounded by means of unrelated chapters. we are hoping that this monograph sequence will by-pass those difficulties in gratifying the necessity. the aim of the sequence is to submit, at moderate costs, stories and reviews of care­ totally chosen subject matters written via conscientiously chosen authors, who're either stable writers and specialists of their medical box. generally, the mono­ graphs could be concerned about the latest study tools and effects. The editors desire that the monographs will serve numerous services, appearing as supplementations to current text-books, guiding study employees, and delivering the root for complex seminars. August 1967 W. VON ENGELHARDT, Tiibingen T. HAHN, Aachen R. Roy, collage Park, Pa. J. W. WINCHESTER, Ann Arbor, Mich. P. J. WYLLIE, Chicago, Ill.

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E c ::; ..... 050 n/( Mn .. Mg. Fe ) Actlnolr te Figure 14 Fractionation of manganese, iron and magnesium between coexisting actinolites and cummingtonites, metamorphosed iron formation, Quebec (Mueller, 1960). The major element distribution shown in (a) approximates mass action law be· havior; minor element distribution shown in (b) obeys the infinite dilution law. Compositional Variations of the Amphiboles 31 tinction of ferrous and ferric iron. Accordingly exchange equilibria considered involve total iron contents rather than either Fe+2 or Fe+ 3 • Relations are presented in Fig.

20, at low temperatures 9 talc 4 forsterite react to form 5 anthophyllite fluid along curve 1; with further elevation of temperature, anthophyllite decomposes along curve 4 to give 7 enstatite quartz fluid. The reaction anthophyllite = talc 4 enstatite involves a volume decrease, hence GREENWOOD was able to use calorimetric data to calculate the high pressure stability limit of approximately 20-25 kb for oMg 7Si s0 22 (OH)2 illustrated in Fig. 2l. GREENWOOD also showed that anthophyllite is an intermediate metastable product of the decomposition of talc at high temperatures.

However, coexistence of gedrite and kyanite from Idaho (HIETANEN, 1959) indicates that the aluminous iron-magnesium amphibole may represent a higher pressure equivalent of the anthophyllite cordierite sillimanite association. The reaction of chlorite quartz -'> gedrite cordierite H 20 (Fig. 23) has been correlated by AKELLA and WINKLER (1966) with the lower P-T boundary of the hornblende hornfels facies under conditions where fluid pressure equals total pressure. Based on other reactions such as 6 muscovite 2 biotite 15 quartz = 3 cordierite 8 K-feldspar 8 H 20 (WINKLER, 1965, p.

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