By Janet Amundson Romich

An Illustrated advisor to Veterinary clinical Terminology, 3rd version presents a visible method of studying clinical phrases and knowing the fundamentals of veterinary medication. a scientific means of breaking down clinical phrases into their part components permits readers to appreciate the basis scientific techniques and follow serious pondering talents whilst confronted with new and unusual scientific terminology. Chapters growth from simple terminology concerning anatomical positioning to physique structures, after which to species- particular terminology. Case reviews exemplify how scientific terminology will be skilled in a precise veterinary perform.

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Synarthroses are immovable joints usually united with fibrous connective tissue. An example of a synarthrosis is a suture. A suture (soo-chuhr) is a jagged line where bones join and form a nonmovable joint. Sutures typically are found in the skull. A fontanelle (fohn-tah-nehl) is a soft spot remaining at the junction of sutures that usually closes after birth. Amphiarthroses are semimovable joints. An example of an amphiarthrosis is a symphysis. A symphysis (sihm-fih-sihs) is a joint where two bones join and are held firmly together so that they function as one bone.

The study of disease causes is etiology (ē-tē-ohl-ō-jē). Copyright 2009 Cengage Learning, Inc. All Rights Reserved. May not be copied, scanned, or duplicated, in whole or in part. 20 Chapter 2 A directional terms the same Are in humans and animals? Original human anatomy drawings posed a man with his palms forward. Human positional terminology is still based on that pose. If this original drawing had had the palms turned away, human and veterinary anatomical terminology would have been identical.

In adult animals, yellow bone marrow replaces red bone marrow. Yellow bone marrow is composed mainly of fat cells and serves as a fat storage area. Bone is divided into different categories based on bone types, bone shapes, and bone functions (Table 3–1 and Figure 3–2). Cartilage Cartilage (kahr-tih-lihdj) is another form of connective tissue that is more elastic than bone. The elasticity of cartilage makes it useful in the more flexible portions of the skeleton. Articular (ahr-tihck-yoo-lahr) cartilage, a specific type of cartilage, covers the joint surfaces of bone.

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