By Aristophanes

Originally tailored for the degree, Peter Meineck's revised translations in achieving a degree of constancy applicable for school room use whereas handling to maintain the wit and effort that led the recent Yorker to pass judgement on his CloudsThe most sensible Greek drama now we have ever obvious anywhere," and the days Literary complement to explain his Wasps as "Hugely relaxing and extremely, very humorous. A common creation, introductions to the performs, and specified notes on staging, background, spiritual perform and delusion mix to make this a remarkably important educating text.

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Mind you, I can’t say that she’s lazy, not at all, she knew how to weave, If you know what I mean. In-out, in-out, she loved to poke the thread! ) HOUSEBOY: There’s no oil left in the lamp. STREPSIADES: Why did you use the thirstiest lamp in the house? You’ve earned a beating. Come here. HOUSEBOY: Why should I? 46: Megacles was a common name of the prominent aristocratic Alcmaeonid clan. Both Pericles and Alcibiades were related. 51: Saffron was the traditional golden yellow color of female festive robes and a bride’s wedding veil.

Peter Meineck 1-pgi-Aristophanes6646 Rpt 9/21/07 10:09 AM Page 1 Clouds Strepsiades (center) and characters from Clouds. The London Small Theatre Company, Amsterdam 1990 2-pg1-Aristophanes6646Rprt 9/21/07 10:04 AM Page 2 Clouds: Introduction Clouds is certainly Aristophanes’ best-known comedy. If modern readers know one of his plays, it is usually this one, although in the late years of the twentieth century, Lysistrata may run a close second. ) figure of Socrates in the comedy. Plato and Xenophon created a character of legendary importance in classical culture, and Aristophanes’ contemporary caricature of him attracted a huge amount of attention.

STUDENT: You should have heard the new concept that Socrates recently announced. STREPSIADES: What concept? Tell me, I beg you! 155 STUDENT: Chaerephon of Sphettus asked Socrates to pronounce his opinion on an important scientific matter. STREPSIADES: What was that? STUDENT: Whether the hum of a gnat is generated via its mouth or its anus. STREPSIADES: Really? And what did he find out about the gnat? STUDENT: He said that the intestine of a gnat is extremely constricted and that air is pressed through this narrow conduit to the anus, then the sphincter, acting as an oscillating cavity in close proximity 151: These were soft calf-length leather boots (*151 Booties).

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