By Harold Bloom

Every one name good points:
- serious essays reflecting various faculties of criticism
- Notes at the contributing critics, a chronology of the author's existence, and an index
- An introductory essay by means of Harold Bloom.

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Arthur Miller's The Crucible (Bloom's Guides)

Every one name beneficial properties: - severe essays reflecting numerous colleges of feedback- Notes at the contributing critics, a chronology of the author's existence, and an index- An introductory essay by means of Harold Bloom.

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Danforth calls for Proctor and Corey to be taken to jail. ” Hale denounces the court and leaves, quitting his position. Danforth, who has hardly been open-minded with Hale, is now furious at losing him. Act 4 opens that fall in a Salem jail cell. Herrick enters the cell shared by Tituba and Sarah Good. All around, the actions of the three show the strain and change that has taken place, even on these lesser characters. Tituba and Sarah Good speak in a mocking, almost delusional manner, as if they are indeed witches, and Herrick drinks liquor from a flask, giving Sarah some when she requests it.

33 Proctor backs away from her and reminds her that his wife’s trial is tomorrow and that she has been in jail for 36 days. He says he has come to tell Abigail what he plans to do in court at the trial, so that she might think of some way to save herself. But Proctor appears to have made a serious mistake. Instead of destroying Abigail’s hope of ever being his wife, he goes to her and loses the advantage that he could have had in court, possibly putting his wife at greater risk. He tells Abigail he is giving her the opportunity to remove the charges against his wife, and to therefore prevent him from having to bring forth the damning evidence against Abigail and himself.

14 Miller has reduced Mary Warren’s lengthy and ambiguous trial testimony to four pages in the play by focusing on her difficulty in attempting to tell the truth after the proceedings were under way. The truth that Mary has to tell—“It were only sport in the beginning, sir”—is the same that Abigail tried to tell Parris earlier; but the telling has become compounded by the courtroom presence of Proctor, Parris, Hathorne and Danforth (two of the judges), the rest of the afflicted girls, and the spectators.

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